Royal Confection

About Us

Company Activities

The company’s business started in 1944. It was a family business. It was started by my grandmother. it was set in a traditional way in the field of handmade clothing.

Over time, the company abandoned its handicrafts and four years ago it increasingly focused on the production of professional clothes, work clothes.


The number of employees has increased year on year. These employees are professionals.

They have a fairly well-known experience because they work in the context of partnership. 

The number of employees is 55 working in a comfortable environment and adequate European Union standards.

Branch of Companies
Today we have a factory with our 100% capital of our family. The main factory is based in Lezha and Mirdita area.


We will desire long-term and reliable cooperation based on mutual equity values.


The main objective of our company is to bring a product with high quality, within the right time and at a competitive price compared to other companies.
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